"It Just Makes COMMON Sense"


In our office, we take a very simple approach to treating our patients. We take your medical history, do an initial exam (recommend x-rays if indicated) and then sit down and discuss our findings with you. I do not believe that people need to be seen a bunch of times. If you do, there is an underlying problem that we need to address. After your report of findings and our recommended treatment plan, YOU make the decision as to whether you want to follow our recommendations. We are laid back and easy going. So I invite you in to our office to meet us and see what we’re about. But “more than likely” you have been referred by someone you know. I will be happy to sit down with you for a complimentary consultation to see “if I think I can help you or not”. I will be completely honest with you. If I think I can help I will tell you so. If I think I cannot, I will tell you that as well. So, feel free to come by and visit us. See what your gut tells you, and then decide if you want to be our patient. We are always here for you whenever you make that decision.