Teri Cox
Office Manager
Weight Loss Advocate & Coach

Teri is the wife of Dr. Cox. She completed training in Medical Transcription in 1993. She began working in the Odessa office in 1994. When their youngest son (Jonathan) was born, she began staying home full time. She has been a stay at home mom for many years. She has home schooled their two youngest sons, Tanner (22) & Jonathan (19). Having taught them from kindergarten, Tanner graduated in May of 2011 and now attends college as he works toward a career in federal law enforcement. Jonathan graduated from Teri's home school program (College Street Academy) in May of 2014 and is in his second year of college. Teri is a dedicated wife & mother, with an unbelievable commitment to her son’s education(s). She is our Weight Loss Program Patient Advocate and Coach. Ask some of her clients how she does. She has been an advocate for countless Weight Loss Program clients and she has an outstanding record in both their weight loss and inches loss. Ask her about our program if you have 15-200 stubborn pounds you’re wanting to lose. CLICK HERE for more weight loss program information.

Teri is a huge asset in the office. She keeps everything running as smoothly as possible. As many of you know having been in our office, Teri brings a smile and a genuine sense of "Welcome" as she greets you when you come in.