Working in conjunction with a nationwide provider of the best laboratory services available to the medical community, we are able to offer our patients a full spectrum of blood analysis at a significant savings. Upon reviewing your lab results, Dr. Cox will prepare a detailed report on those results, which he will discuss with you those findings in the office.

Why would my Chiropractic Physician do blood workups?
Quite Simple actually... We deal with individuals day in and day out who are having issues with skelatal problems. Why would we not want to prescribe labs to determine vitamin D levels, Calcium absorption, and much more. We do not diagnose any medical conditions with the results. That is the responsibility of your primary care doctor. But just as important is the information it can give us in regards to your nutritional function. Another words, which supplements may be indicated to support a healthier you! The beneficial information we receive from your labs is imeasureable.

What else do you check?
We check numerous blood values. We do a much more detailed blood analysis than you are probably currently getting checked elsewhere. Our Executive Health Panel for instance, checks over 60 different blood values.

Do you give me a copy of my blood workup?
In fact, since we may have information that might help your primary care doctor in his/her evaluation of your health, that we ask for that MD/DO name and address so we can send a complimentary copy to them for your file in their office. All done only upon your request and consent.