“A Brief How it Works & What it Does”

Chinese medicine was developed thousands of years ago in the Far East and acupuncture was seen as a prominent branch of this ancient tradition. The needle (or other instruments used such as: Teishen, Pressure or Activator) regulates “Qi”; an inner force, or another words energy, which is responsible for the body’s health. With acupuncture controlling Qi, or ”energy” the person’s health can be improved by the release of stress. Which may have been brought on by too much energy, too little energy. Whichever the case. The energy distribution and balance have been disturbed in some way.

The path of Qi energy should flow freely in a healthy person and any symptoms of illness will indicate alterations of this energy movement. Free flowing energy provides everything the cells need and removes all waste that has formed, the consequence being an improvement in the emotional, physical and overall well being. Another words, they are “Healthy”. Symptoms of any illness will become manifest if Qi is blocked at any level. As well as over stimulated or under stimulated. Any form of this imbalance results in some form of illness. Determining where to place the needles will be dictated by the need to return the flow to normal. One form of evaluation and determining this will be by having an EMI exam (See below). This analysis might indicate the need for just one (very seldom) or a series of treatments (usually in the range of 8-12 treatments.) But keep in mind, no two indivuals are the same and no one is predictable. In order to stay healthy and maintain their Qi levels at an optimum level many people have regular acupuncture treatments.

Although many people think that acupuncture as involving needles, other techniques are also used, including herbs, burning and electric stimulation. In our office we use both needle and cold laser acupuncture. One of the benefits of using the laser is that there is no skin puncturing and it decreases the time people are required to be in the office. This seems to fit well into the American schedule. All needles are “new needles” that come in sterilized packs. Western doctors, unlike traditional practitioners who use solid needles, use hollow tube, pre-sterilized and disposable needles. It is normal for no medicine to be used on the needles as the needle itself controls the Qi energy. The needs of the patients determine or signal whether the needles are manipulated (twirled, spun, woven) or introduced at a particular angle.

We have found that people respond much better when they receive periodic acupuncture treatments, rather than waiting until the body is in a state of disease or illness. In our experience, it is more beneficial to undergo regular treatments to maintain good health by keeping an optimum flow of Qi. A schedule of treatments will be drawn up based upon the symptoms evident at the time of your first visit, as well as the results of our EMI exam and evaluation. At each subsequent stage of your treatment, different locations will be used for needle insertion as your health improves. An affect causing a change in the Qi energy flow is induced by these different locations hastening the recovery to good health.

The needles are inserted at varying depths dependant on the course of treatment. Many patients experience no pain as the needles are inserted except for the occasional pinching sensation. Once the needles are in position they can easily be disregarded and many patients report a relaxed and warm sensation at the needle insertion point, which is indicative of the Qi energy being directed in the correct way.

One of the most beneficial ways to improve or sustain good health is with acupuncture. As an alternative to conventional medicine more and more people are turning to acupuncture and the benefits of this ancient practice are becoming better understood and encouraged by conventional western medicine.


EMI™ was the very first contemporary, acupuncture meridian measurement and diagnosis system that all others are based upon. It is the Original. EMI™ products have been in production for over a quarter of a century, with tens of thousands of doctors now using them! Very simply, our new EMI™ measures the 24 meridian points on the body and automatically enters, graphs, and analyzes those points (using the EMI™ Software), to help us diagnose and treat you.

For safe, accurate, and error proof meridian testing, the EMI Digital Probe™ & Computer Interface Module uses microprocessor technology to safely connect you to our computer. Our goal is to incorporate the ancient, as well as cutting-edge contemporary principles and procedures of acupuncture into our practice to provide us with the knowledge and tools to achieve that success. We believe the tool to use in your acupuncture evaluation/exam is the EMI.